We're back! Summer is over, San Gennaro has come and gone in a whirlwhind of sausage and peppers and zeppoles, and a crazy person has thrown a trash can through our window...we're starting the fall off with a bang. 

Since September 17th, people in Munich, Germany have been celebrating around the clock as they take part in their 200+ year old tradition of Oktoberfest. They have amusement park rides, games, beer, sausage, pretzels, and a slew of other german eats that I can't spell (but is delicious). We tried to get the San Gennaro people to lend us their ferris wheel for our event, but our lawyers didn't think that was a great idea. So you'll have to settle for beer and brats. Not a bad concession.

The guys at Jack's Abby  out of Framingham, Massachusetts took NYC by storm this year as they rolled into town with some of their beautifully hand crafted lagers. The line-up will include a few of their staple brews, as well as a special keg or two. We are very excited to be teaming up with them for a Kegs & Eggs, as well as Chef Jeff Maslanka (Blind Tiger, No.7 Sub) who is back in the kitchens to bring you some complimentary German fare that I'm sure will include a variety of wursts and mustards.

Draught Line-Up: Copper Legend, House Lager, 3x Hoponious Union, Excess IPL