12 Breweries. 12 Chilis. 1 Winner.

It doesn't get any more real than this. For the 6th year in a row, some of NYC's best and brightest brewery reps go head to head in a battle to the death to see whose chili will reign supreme. Will it be the tried and true "I've had this recipe passed down to me by my mother's mother's brother" chili, or perhaps the "It's 3am, I'm drunk, let's see what's in my fridge and get cookin" chili?

Come down and see for yourself. Along with our panel of judges, there will be voting for the People's Choice Chili. And as always, we will have a killer line-up of beer from the participating breweries!

Breweries and Line-Up: Anderson Valley Winter Solstice, Barrier 2015 Rip Rap Porter, Bell's Lager, Captain  Lawrence 6th Borough Pilsner, Greenport Harbor Botanical Bliss Saison, Industrial Arts Wrench, Ommegang Witte, Peak Organic The Juice, SingleCut Eric Nitro, Sixpoint Danke, Slyfox 360 IPA, 21st Amendment Blah Blah Blah

Attention Chili Cook-Off Contestants! The stakes for this year's competition are high. How you place will now affect your possible entry in the following year's cook-off. Here are the new rules...
(shout out to Mark Sljukic of Lagunitas for helping us come up with them)

* Top three as determined by the judges will automatically get a spot in the following year's cook-off.
* Bottom three as determined by the judges are automatically forced to take a year off from the cook-off. They need the time to work on improving their chili. The exception for this rule will be if you win the People's Choice Chili while also being in the judge's bottom three, in which case you will be allowed to enter the next year's lottery.
* The remaining slots in the following year's competition will be filled via a lottery of any and all brewery reps who want to enter. 
* If you win two years in a row, you are automatically forced to take a year off. However, you now have the option of being a judge any year going forward.