Kegs & Eggs 11x17 poster.jpg

We're back! Summer is over, San Gennaro has come and gone in a whirlwhind of fried doughy confections covered in sugar, and if we're lucky the Yankees will be playing in the World Series...we're starting the fall off with a bang. 

Autumn is all about turning leaves, hay rides at the farm, drinking hot cider and picking pumpkins. Since we prefer to reject all things pumpkin-spice related because they are gauche as all get out, we are turning our attention to the apple and celebrating fall with some of the best cider north of the Mason-Dixon line. 

The guys at Citizen Cider out of Burlington, Vermont have been pushing the envelope of what a craft cider can be since 2010, and we couldn't be more excited to have them join us for our first event of the holiday season. The line-up will include a few of their staple ciders as well as a special keg or two. We are also very excited to be teaming up with Chef Jeff Maslanka (Lady's) who is back in the kitchens to bring you some complimentary cool-weather fare.

Draught Line-Up: Stan Up, Americran, Companion, Wits Up; Unified Press (cans)