With the holidays fast approaching, we at the Spring Lounge have been doing some reflecting on the year, and all the things we are thankful for. Sometimes you need to find joy in the seemingly little things to remember that life is good, and we are all in it together.
One of the things we are thankful for is that Jeff "Chief" O'Neil continues to make beer in the great state of New York. Having followed his career with Ithaca and Peekskill breweries where he concocted award winning brews, we were thrilled to hear he was stepping out on his own. This summer he opened Industrial Arts Brewing Company in the Hudson Valley, and we have yet to taste a beer we don't like.
He'll be partying with us for a very special Kegs and Eggs this Thursday Nov. 17th, and he's brought with him a great line-up.
For our complimentary breakfast Chef Jeff Maslanka will be serving up his "eggs in a potato chip bag"...if you haven't had it at one of our past events, I promise it will be sure to put a smile on your face.
The fun starts at 10:00am. See you there!

Draught Line-Up: Tools of the Trade, Power Tools, Safety Glasses, Pantry Porter